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Born in New York, Taylor has a nomadic studio practice working around the world as a visiting resident artist. Her works have found homes across the globe including Lebanon, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain, France, Taiwan, Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, United States, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. She is currently based deep in the coastal redwoods of Albion, CA, USA.

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austyn Taylor - stanley

Austyn Taylor's first first print series Stanley in collaboration with Stowe Gallery. This image relates to her thumbprint series of sculptures.

"Imagine you could flatten out my original bunny sculpture then apply paint, press paper and lift off- there you have the Stanley series.

For me, Stanley captures my favorite themes of friendly optimism and archaic punk animism. Stanley is a loving wink of support but also reminder to keep alert- as all good bunnies should!"

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