Collection: Wolfgang Stiller

Describing himself as somewhat of a late bloomer, Wolfgang has worked as an artist for over 40 years, and his works comprise drawings, paintings, sculptures and thought-provoking installations shown in both group and solo exhibitions worldwide and can be found in prestigious museum collections in China & Germany. 

Wolfgang is guided by his own interests and motivations and uses materials and space to bring his ideas to life, although he acknowledges the viewer’s experience of his work may differ to his own, which he feels, is an advantage and can bring something richer to the work. 

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Selected works

Matchstickmen (2018)
Bronze & Paint
220 cm

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"There are whole industries making sure that we believe in the forever young philosophy. Most people think this life is all we have and therefore they try to get as much as possible, sometimes at a very high cost for other sentient beings. To think that when this body dies everything is gone fits perfectly in our materialistic worldview today and this perspective is related to my work. The matchstickmen series for instance, are a metaphor for our limited life span. A reminder of the fact that this human existence, this body will vanish one day. Some people see it as a threat, but to me, it has a clearly positive meaning since facing this inevitable could remind us to make the most out of every moment."

Wolfgang Stiller

"I always enjoy trying to use materials in different ways, discovering new ways of how to use and display them. Most often we associate very concrete ideas with certain materials and I enjoy contradicting them. If a piece is fulfilling is not a matter of the materials I use. It rather depends on my ability to create a work that comes as close as possible to express my original idea and is interesting in itself besides the meaning or reason why I created it in the first place."

Wolfgang Stiller