Collection: Tim Key

Tim has been writing poems for two decades. Fleeting, irreverent ideas, tawdry little vignettes, they’ve underpinned his live and written work since he scribbled down his first, on a scrap of paper, on a bus in 2004. Since then he’s read them out in tiny rooms above pubs, he read them out to win the Perrier Award in 2009, and he’s been reading them out ever since, in sell-out tours, in the UK and beyond. They are his secret weapon, underpinning seven series of his Radio 4 show, Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme, and sploshed onto the pages of five books.

All the while he’s been printing these poems out on labels, and sticking the labels to playing cards. These are what he takes to his audiences. Reading them out, throwing them down onto a beer-soaked stage, walking on them, gathering them up, drying them off, and repeat. Now, finally, these are being turned into giant size prints.

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