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Andrew Scott is an emerging American artist born in 1991, best known for his shattered glass work and conceptual frame alterations. Andrew continually blurs the line between his subjects and the frames containing them, and his innovative broken frame techniques have resonated with audiences around the world. 

Andrew’s unique contemporary urban artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the world from Italy and Germany to New York City, and beyond.

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8 - 22 July 2024

Andrew Scott - Frame of Mind

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"Inspired by the communication style of editorial illustrators and street artists, my work is defined by visual plot twists, symbolic subversion, and conceptual storytelling. Aesthetically, my work makes use of selective bursts of red color in otherwise grayscale palettes, gritty graphites, and minimalist environments."

Andrew Scott

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12 - 30 June 2023

Andrew Scott - Breakthrough

"My current work focuses on blurring the line between my illustrations and the frames continuing them to explore ideas of psychological freedom and imprisonment."

Andrew Scott

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