Collection: Von Wolfe

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz, a British artist with German and Polish roots, is an alumnus of York University where he studied Philosophy. He is also a direct descendant of Baron von Schlossberg, who served as the court painter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria, often referred to as the Swan King. Currently residing and working in London, von Lenkiewicz has carved a distinct artistic niche for himself.

His artistry is a fusion of historical elements and contemporary trends merging traditional oil painting techniques with cutting-edge technologies utilising algorithmic diffusion models and node-based AI systems. His work serves as a bridge between disparate eras transcending historical limitations.

Achieving international recognition, his artwork has been showcased in esteemed art institutions globally. These include Paris's Musée Quai Branly, Helsinki's Ateneum Museum,  Stockholm's National Museum and the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille.

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von Wolfe - Salvator mundi

"Salvator Mundi: An Epochal Reimagining" melds the finesse of Renaissance mastery with a fresh, contemporary perspective. Drawing inspiration from iconic depictions of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer, Von Wolfe ventures into a nuanced exploration of identity, utilizing elements of historical imagery in a distinctly original manner. 

At the heart of this piece is a captivating female figure. Her gaze, both intense and introspective, invites viewers into a world where the boundaries of time, fashion, and tradition blur. While her attire—a radiant yellow coat, distinctive tortoiseshell earrings, bold eyewear, and an intricately knotted collar seems to nod to modern aesthetics, her profound expression hints at a deeper narrative. This subtle interplay between the contemporary and the classical becomes a commentary on gender, but without overpowering the broader thematic essence of the artwork.