Collection: Timur Zagirov

Timur Zagirov, from Pskov, Russia, creates unusual artworks inspired by the most iconic paintings in history. Timur’s works are constructed from hundreds of square wooden blocks, all individually crafted to create unique works of art. The long-held tradition to adorn walls with decorative wooden artworks has been seen across centuries, and it is the use of wood in Timur’s pieces which works perfectly in the home, contributing to a warm and cosy interior. 

The young artist gained international recognition and interest in his work after his reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s 1889 self-portrait. The re-imagined well-known painting appeared to viewers in a new way: split into many wood blocks with different shapes, saw angles, and colours. When viewed as a whole, the artwork gave the unusual effect of pixelization. Since the original work of art was familiar to almost everyone, Timur’s version instantly resonated with the audience.

Encouraged by the popularity and admiration for his work, Timur continues using his unique technique to craft beautiful wooden artworks and in 2022, he released his first edition with Stowe Gallery “ Self Portrait Van Gogh”. 

Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat (2022)
Wood, coloured wax & Polyurethane 
119 x 99 cm
Signed and titled on reverse
Framed - Black metal

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