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Fat Cap Sprays is a London-based artist, renowned for his energetic videos that seamlessly merge street art with pop culture. His distinctive style recontextualises prevalent characters in pop culture with a vibrant neon twist, utilising vivid strokes with bold colours that illuminate the artworks. Inspired by his nostalgic love for video games and beloved cartoon series like Sonic, Super Mario, and Pokémon, he breathes life into the characters.

With wildly expressive techniques, he captures the richness of fat cap flares, masterfully evoking a sense of motion and enchantment. This technique is essential to the artist's signature style. 

Fat Cap Sprays has collaborated with some of the world's biggest brands on social media campaigns, such as Samsung, Foot Locker, Meta, Canon, Porsche, Hugo, Amazon, EA Games, Epic Games to name a few. 

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12 - 31 August 2024

Fat Cap Sprays

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