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What can be said about Mason that he hasn't already said himself?  Enfant terrible or loveable rogue, he’s been called many things over the years and most are unrepeatable. Often a divisive character with as many detractors as fans, Mason loves to tease and poke fun at critics and embrace (sometimes literally) and interact with his fans. But, there is one thing everyone can agree on, the beauty of his work.

As an artist, Mason flits from one medium to another, painting, sculpture, photography or anything else that may take his fancy in any given day. However, it is skill with a brush that has set him apart from his peers. A masterful touch and appreciation of materials and techniques sees him move seamlessly from baroque masterpieces to contemporary cartoon and everything in between. 

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mason storm - Simian Soirée

"The painting, titled Simian Soirée is a commentary on the themes of excessive privilege, wealth, and social injustice. Inspired by the famous photo of the Bullingdon Club, a poignant metaphor, shedding light on the disparities and moral implications associated with privilege and its consequences.

The Bullingdon Club, known for its elitist membership and extravagant gatherings, symbolizes the epitome of privilege and wealth. By substituting their heads with monkey heads, I’ve tried to evoke the notion of animalistic behavior and a sense of wild abandon that can often accompany unchecked power and unearned entitlement. The juxtaposition of human bodies with monkey heads urges viewers to reflect on the parallels between animalistic instincts and the actions of those in positions of immense privilege."

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“What’s the point of being a genius if you can’t share that with everyone, even the buggers who don’t like you? Life’s too short for nonsense. We are here for a good time not a long time”

Mason Storm 

  • Mason Storm - Theft From Above
    17 June - 23 July 2021

    Theft From Above: a homage, a poking of the Hornets’ nest, an honest exploration of authorship and inspiration or outright daylight robbery? Given Mason’s past history with urban arts other man of mystery, the similarities and motifs in this new body of work are less than subtle. Indeed they are glaringly obvious and are bound to illicit howls of derision and cries of ‘rip off’ and opportunist.

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