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MissMe first got into the limelight through her insubordinate and compelling street art. The colossal prints she lays on street walls throughout cities are visceral. Dealing with feminism and other social issues, her work takes several forms, including ephemeral posters she puts up across cityscapes. The woman body, notably her sexuality, is undoubtedly the recurring motif of her work. The ominous nature of her imagery, coupled with a visually striking aesthetic, calls for the solidarity of women and their mobilization.

MissMe’s unapologetic pieces command attention in sharp tones, exploring her own struggles with race, gender, society, and class while uplifting icons of the past. Her compelling, elegant, and sometimes unsettling large-scale wheatpastes swallow buildings whole, confronting issues of dignity ­and forcing us to reconsider our own truths.

Rarely in any city for more than a few months at a time, the Artful Vandal has channelled the momentum of her art’s global success toward a new movement, passionately advocating for women as role models and pivotal members of their communities. MissMe has organized her ideas into workshops and teen programs. Spotlighted by Complex, HuffPo, Vice, TED, and countless others, MissMe’s message is resonating around the world as she continues to shine an illicit light of beauty on the stage and in the street.

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MissMe - The selfies

The Selfies represent the complexity of Self. Our true faces, the ones eyes don’t see. 

 As women, we are not allowed to be ugly, to be angry. When we are, we find ourselves discredited, put aside and invalidated. These faces are mine, they are my selfies, truer than my social smile and genetic features. They are like Life itself, where true beauty happens only when we let go and trust the radical moment.

Dare to be complex. 

Dare to be angry. 

Dare to be ugly