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Ken Kelleher is an American sculptor. He studied art at Alfred University under sculptors Glenn Zweygardt and William Parry and Architecture at Miami University with Robert Zwirn, Bill Housley and Bill Ream. He graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from Alfred University.

After college he worked at Hudson Studio, Fine Art Foundry in Niverville, NY where he did finishing work on cast bronze pieces by William Tucker and Anthony Caro, as well as other artists. Hudson Studio was in a shared space at the time with sculptor Jon Isherwood and is in close proximity to Triangle Workshop.

He produced several series of large abstract sculptures, some of which were sold into private collections. He currently has major pieces in 7 different countries, including the private collection of the Royal Family of Doha, as well as the Royal Carribean, Wonder of the Seas.

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"Whether it’s a personal place, corporate, communal, institutional, I see art as a means of engagement to provoke thought, dialogue, introspection and conversation. Sculpture for me is an inquiry into the deep mysterious nature of things.When utilitarian use is taken away from an object, a series of objects or forms, what remains?"

Ken Kelleher

"I like the idea of taking basic, elemental shapes and inflating them, altering them, stacking and shaping them. Once I’m done with one piece I usually have ideas for several others. The amount of variety that can be produced by moving one or 2 shapes through space is amazing. I like taking say 3 basic forms and uncovering all the possibilities of how it can be arranged. Then there’s material, which adds another layer of interpretation and process. The visual expression I try to achieve is one that is open to interpretation. In one piece someone may see something playful, or whimsical, in another it may feel strange. Think of these huge, non utilitarian forms, set down in the midst of our busy world, which accelerates even more every year. The sculpture may get in your way, may interrupt your path. Does it make you stop? Does it make you wonder?"

Ken Kelleher

"In a world where imagination is often the first element of humankind to be ignored, or tread into the ground, I seek to exalt what we are capable of making. Why be content with the commonplace, or to step back and watch machines, or corporations replicate what is around us in a way that doesn’t acknowledge our existence, our lives, what makes us human? I hope my work compels and inspires you, and pushes you to go beyond."

Ken Kelleher