Collection: Spencer Jones

I did A level Fine Art and loved it. We used to listen to Nirvana and the Cure and talk about stuff in the gaps. I was lucky to have two decent art teachers (hello, Mrs Preston and Mr Hague). 

After A levels I moved to London to act and do comedy or be a lead singer or whatever I was thinking at the time. Trying to get any of that stuff going was tough so I needed to earn money elsewhere. The ‘doing of art’ was pushed so far back on the back burner it fell off.

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. Too many to mention. So, all I will say is I am currently an actor and comedian. My comedy note books have always needed sketches and scribbles to explain how stuff works and I’m pretty hands on when it comes to making stuff for the stage and TV shows I make.

In 2018, I furiously started painting on pieces of wood I’d found on the street to create the back drop of the live comedy show: The Things We Leave Behind, that I was developing.  When the show was finished I carried on painting and sold my first work whilst filming the documentary ‘A Brush With Comedy’ for Sky Arts. 

I have been my selling art since then. Hello.

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10 - 28th June 2024

I’m no stranger to a paint brush but this is my first proper exhibition, and I am bricking it.

My paintings make me laugh. But experience has taught me that the audience don’t always agree with me. I'm fine with that. I release these art pieces into the world, like naughty children I’m slightly ashamed of. I tried my best at the time and they are what they are now.