Euan Roberts - Self Care Bear (Cocktails At Midnight) (2021)

Euan Roberts - Self Care Bear (Cocktails At Midnight) (2021)

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Self Care Bear (Cocktails At Midnight) (2021)
Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 76 cm

“All The Time In The World” is the thought-provoking title for artist Euan Roberts’ latest collection of paintings.

Created at a time in which the world was turned on its head, the suite of original works encapsulated the artist’s intention of spreading feelings of joy, humour, and hope during dark times.

As the UK tentatively emerges from winter lockdown, The artist in association with Stowe Gallery deemed it a perfect time to unleash this collection of vivid, impactful, and uplifting paintings into the world.

“The past year has been so difficult for a huge number of people. As things were getting darker it motivated me hugely to make works that can put a smile on people’s faces.” - Euan Roberts